Monday, December 18, 2006

Shiba Advertising

Thanks to Joe Stains and his Mom for calling our attention to the Belvedere Vodka ads. No, this is not a post about underage-dog-drinking, this is a post about the use of the Shiba Inu image without just compensation. Not only have we been utilized in adverstisements, but in other media, including video games!

Here, we see a video game starring a VIRTUAL Shiba Inu. Aren't REAL Shiba Inu enough, people? What's more, it's only available in Japan! Do they think other nationalities don't like the Shiba??

Here is an alternate ending to the Video Game "Silent Hill 2," where it is revealed that a Shiba Inu is the Mastermind behind the whole plot:

We have even once seen an advertisement for a video game with a Shiba Inu outfitted like Rambo, with bullets and machine gun.

In conclusion, we Shiba Inu dogs should not be used to promote various things, without consulting with us as a whole. Further more, we should be compensated in some way: kibble, treats, free products, etc.

What does everydog think? How have your various breeds been used in advertisements and other media?


Joe Stains said...

I am glad you found that ad, mom showed it to me and I thought it was very nice. A cute girl, a cute dog, some Vodka. Sounds like a good night, right?

The first time I saw a boston in an advertisement was for CARPET STAIN REMOVER. I don't know what that impllied.

Joe Stains

Yoshi and Tsuki said...

If you get the "Labrador and Friends" version of Nintendogs (the one with the Labrador on the front) that's sold here in the U.S., it includes a shiba.

Mom thought about getting it, but then she said that real shibas were enough.

We don't know what her problem is.


Boo said...

hey A&S, that's a great ad! maybe you should sign up for one of those doggie model agency but be careful not be cheated!

btw, thanks for the ecard. but but but... i was too small to know whether i look like tat when i was a baby!

wet wet licks


A&S said...

hmm...we think we saw a commercial for flea medicine with a pub and a boston terrier....we forget which one had the cheap stuff that didn't work (hopefully not the boston terrier, right, guys?)

~Akira and Shiro

A&S said...

boo, don't you have any PICTURES of when you were a baby? hehe. sorry, it's the best we could do...we'd found a better one before, but didn't have your e-mail with us, then lost it :(

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. you guys should so ask for all kinds of compensation for using Shiba's image for advertising

~ fufu

Joe Stains said...

There was a pretty popular ad campaign for master card where a boston terrier gets lost while camping with his family. It made me cry every time I saw it. :(

Mom said thanks for the email, that boston is so cute!

Boo said...

hey akira & shiro, i have put up photos and videos about last friday's x'mas pawty. check it out!

wet wet licks


p/s: how's grandma?

Sunshade said...

They always use the same ugly Airedale for everything...... they should really be knocking on my door, those companies are really missing out here!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade