Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Ball Thingy

Merry Christmas

What's in this package? A Shiro? I already got one of those...

We got a new ball and new peanut butter BLUE treats and new sensitive stomach treats (good thing cause we were out) and carrot cake dessert. we are WORN out!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Luv is Like Sasquatch...

...rare and hard to capture on film...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Walking with Sis

That Sis sure is funny. If by funny you mean not quite right in the head. If by haha funny, then not so much, but she seems to think so. So we were on this walk (aka let's-see-how-fast-we-can-run-until-the-sis-topples-over-and-i-pull-her-through-the-air-down-the road-like-marmaduke), and she says "you're lucky you don't have to wear shoes. i wish i had pads on the bottom of my feet." she paused a little too dramatically, considering this deep thinking. "but then, i have opposable win some, you lose some." yeah, see, i told you...not quite right in the head. Here's a pic of me. I'm such a playa I wore myself out and fell asleep on the bball...

ki-ki (Akira)


The Sis is home. She is staying for like a week or something. I think thats alotadays long. She slept with us down on the couches ALLLLL night last night! she has this problem with having a camera in her hands a little too often, but what can ya do? thanks to Boo and Dopey for the great card! Here are some recent pics (thanx to the Sis bugging us)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Apology and Pictures

Hi, The Sis is posting to apologize for keeping the boys off of here lately. We've been busy, but we have lots of photos to share, a whole back log of photos! So stay tuned! Here are a few to whet your appetite. More from the boys soon,

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Halloween Means for a Shiba Inu

When this time a year comes around, the humans tend to act weird. We're pretty sure this is nothing new to everydog, but since we are Shiba Inu, we are posting some pictures (2 old ones of us and 2 we found on the Internet, with links to their originals) of what it means to be a Shiba Inu on Halloween....

Akira decked out for Halloweenie

This is what Shiro thinks of pumpkins: Let's try to eat them!

More (yes, even more cruelty to shiba kind):
And, apparently, a whole set of photos from a gathering specifically instituted for the Halloweenie Humiliation of Shiba kind: Shibaween

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Akira's Long Country Walk

Woah what's that?

A cow! Hello cow! (The cow said Moo a lot)

And horses!

Hello, horses!

Wide open spaces!!

Filthy Paws (And nose and belly)

I dug a whole

So big I fit my whole head under the fence.

And then they gave me a bath. The nerve!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Shiro Hole Revealed

What is in here?



bunny rabbits

Hello Wabbit!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Evil Two Horned Goat

Well, we risked life and limb to get these photos for you, but here they are. The goat first got up on his goat house to see us better as we approached. Then he tried to charge us, but luckily his rope held. I growled and warned him to BACK UP! Doesn't he look scary? Other than the close encounter with the goat, it was a great walk Sis took me all over the place and one time she said "Akira, I don't even know where we are? What road issss this?" but I knew where we were. She was worried about the rain letting loose, but I don't mind getting wet. She also ran with me a bit cause sometimes I just need to run. Luv,

Our Weekend in Three Parts

Well, as you know The Sis was home this weekend, which was pawsome, as always, until she had to leave which we weren't too happy about. bah. So we're writing this in three parts, this part we will write together, then shiro has a part on the Shirohole and akira has a part on the evil horned goat.

Part I

We had lots of fun with Sis. She brought us a soccer ball home and spoiled us with more treats than we usually get and took us to her bedroom to play and carried us to look out the windows we can't reach and played with us and slept down on the couches with us some and cuddled and kissed us and took lots of pictures. well, the rest was good anyways. She can't get the pictures from the digi camera to us until she finds her usb cord (doh!) but we'll be posting the ones she took on her cell phone.

Here she caught us in action baring our teeth. Aren't we fierce? Look at our fangs!

Then we kissed and made up. We were really just playing...mostly.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is This a Shiro-Hole?

Whenever I am on walks with the Sis, I am a great explorer and like to poke my head in any and every whole to see what's going on. Holes in trees, holes in drains, holes in the road, holes in a fence, holes in the dirt, any hole. And the Sis always says, "That's not a Shiro hole!" or "You're going to get your nose bit by a groundhog" or some such nonsense. Well, I have yet to see this in person, but the Sis assures me this is in fact a Shiro-hole. I will try it out tomorrow. It looks kinda tiny, but I think I can do it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hunt For the Perfect Birthday Gift

If, on the other hand, we do decide to get The Sis a birthday present. We think this is an excellent choice.

Shiba Inu Walking Pet Balloon

The Sis Is Coming! The Sis Is Coming!

MySpace Comments / Glitter Graphics

We get to see our Sis for the whole weekend because it is her birfday! That is the best present we could give her is to be around her ALLLLLLLL weekend long!!! Altho we heard she might have gotten us a present. That's sort of backwards, but we'll take it!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Breed Feature of the Week: Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is an ancient breed of dog originall bred for hunting wolf, hence the name. They are the tallest dog breed in the world. They have been said to be the equal of a lion in the past, but are gentle in nature towards humans. Their motto is "Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked." This particular Irish Wolfhound is Liam, who lives in Pittsburgh. Liam is a mellow dog who loves to go on ambling walks and greet all his friends every day.

Any Blogging Irish Wolfhounds out there?

New Feature (Breed All About it!)

We are starting a new (maybe weekly) feauture of having a post about a particular breed, and then inviting any blogging dogs of that breed to respond so we can make new friends. You don't have to be a pure breed to respond, if you share some of the characteristics and think this may be a dominant breed in your background, you qualify. The first one is coming up shortly, on Irish Wolf hounds, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Attack of the Killer Goat!

So here's what happened. I was trying to do my business in an unoccupied field. The goat that lives with a hound dog and a duck outside the house next to the field kept getting closer. I kept trying to do my business. Then it came charging at me and the Dad. Surely it's chain would stop it. But it wasn't tied up! It headbutted me in my head! Luckily, not with the horns, but just with the head. Then the Dad had to wrestly with it. It headbutted him in the legs. So we both had to fight him and then call for back up from neighbor Jay to help send the goat home to his hound dog and duck. I was so out of breath after that, and all worked up, but I still finished my walk and found somewhere else to do my business. Sheesh. This is not a picture of the ACTUAL goat, because that would be too dangerous to get a picture right now, maybe when things have cooled off a bit between us. But this is basically what he looks like. Only bigger and meaner.


Boo's Long Lost Cousin?

This is the shihtzu of our Sis's teacher at graduate school. His name is Pongo. We thought he kinda looked like Boo with shorter hair.

Monday, October 08, 2007

More About Those Pics

Akira says:
I have a big smile cause I'm doing my favorite thing in the whole entire world, which is going on a loooooong walk with Sis, and then stopping to rest WHEREVER i want to while she sits beside me and rubs my belly until I'm ready to go again. Some people say dogs can't smile. I really have no idea where they get that idea. Well, you know some people. I know some people who don't smile. I smile more than a lot of people, I think. Because I try to enjoy the little things in life, like stopping to smell the flowers and pee on the mailboxes.

Shiro says:
I am doing my favorite thing in the whole world, too, which is to sit on Sis's knee and look outside the high window and survey my domain. I like to keep my eyes on things, just in case the house should need protected you know. I never am not alert. I sleep very lightly just in case I should need to jump up quick like and fend off evil-doers. You never know. Those cats and deer sometimes get a little too close for their own good, and I have to tell them what's what. Akira likes to look out the window on Sis's lap too, and sometimes he takes a turn after me. He doesn't realize he's a lot heavier than I am. I think he thinks I am the bigger dog, because I am so fierce and scary that it outweighs my smaller stature.

Akira and Shiro

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Up to the Usual Tricks

We are sorry. Actually, we are not sorry, we are irate. Sis is sorry. She has been far too busy lately. Far. Too. Busy. But when she's here we soak up every moment of it. And she always feels guilty and so gives us extra special treats, like Pumpkin Crumble or Carrot Cake treats. Guilt is a powerful motivator. Here are some recent pics.


Akira & Shiro