Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Weekend in Three Parts

Well, as you know The Sis was home this weekend, which was pawsome, as always, until she had to leave which we weren't too happy about. bah. So we're writing this in three parts, this part we will write together, then shiro has a part on the Shirohole and akira has a part on the evil horned goat.

Part I

We had lots of fun with Sis. She brought us a soccer ball home and spoiled us with more treats than we usually get and took us to her bedroom to play and carried us to look out the windows we can't reach and played with us and slept down on the couches with us some and cuddled and kissed us and took lots of pictures. well, the rest was good anyways. She can't get the pictures from the digi camera to us until she finds her usb cord (doh!) but we'll be posting the ones she took on her cell phone.

Here she caught us in action baring our teeth. Aren't we fierce? Look at our fangs!

Then we kissed and made up. We were really just playing...mostly.

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Joe said...

wow you guys are fierce, I could tell you were just playing.