Sunday, February 25, 2007

Puppy Pics

Indy Pindy showed everydog some pictures from when he was a small pup and he thought it'd be a good idea for everyone to bring out the ol' photo album. We agree. Here are some pictures from our puppyhood:

^^Sleepy Akira on his first day home, age 4 months^^

^^Shiro at age 4 weeks, still at the breeder's house^^

Who's next??? We want to see more puppy pics!


Akira & Shiro

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Secret Post

Hi Akira and Shiro's dog-blog-pals! This is the boys' Sis, Sarah. I posted because I read that some of you have a Cuz toy-- do you like this? I picked one up for the boys today at Petco when I went to get them new sensitive stomach treats, as I noticed they were out. I just got them one for now because even if I get them two they will decide which one is better and fight over that one anyways. I got them a green "good Cuz." Do you think they will like this? Don't tell them, it's a surprise, okay?


Friday-Saturday Update

Our Sis stayed over all night last night. She got home in the afternoon, and first she played tug-of-war with me out in the snow! Then she gave us a carob chip cookie to share. And she rubbed my belly lots and I layed my head on her lap while she scratched me all over and sang me Akira-songs. We sure do miss our Sis when she's not here, but it is really nice when she is here!
Sis came home and I was so happy to see her I gave her kisses all over her face and ears and hands. She scratched me all over like I like and played with me with the blinky ball and the nubby ball and the green ring and the blue holey roller and the galileo bone. Then she suggested maybe I have too many toys, which I resented, so she said she was sorry that actually I don't have enough toys, which I agree with and we made up.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Akira Art

We were playin around with an old version of a Kodak Picture CD and made this coloring page from a picture of Akira. We think it should be hung in a museum. Anyone want to color it with a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop? Anyone want to accept the challenge? Anyone?



Akira & Shiro

A Close Up of Bubba least that may have been his name. This is a better picture of the dog in Stratford, Ontario, Canada with the cool shades! He's just chililn'.
Akira & Shiro

Year of the Pig

In honor of the year of the Pig for Chinese New Year, we'd like to recommend a book for those of you dogs who enjoy a good yarn from time to time. This is a memoir called The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood, by Sy Montgomery. Here is a link: This book has everything: drama, comedy, sadness, hope, and how an animal who wasn't even supposed to live grew to bring people closer together than ever before possible. Plus there's a dog in the book, too, so that was a highlight.

~Akira and Shiro

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Digging into the Archive

This is a picture from way back in 2002 when our Sis went to Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She met this cool dog there. We thought you'd be interested in seeing such a cool dog!

Akira & Shiro

So true...

We found this graphic on a myspace comments page. It is so sad, but true. Sometimes we even get blamed when the humans are at fault!

MySpace Layouts

Akira & Shiro

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Playing in the Snow (Any time!)

Yay! Sis was home this weekend and she snapped these pics of me digging in the snow at nighttime! She thought I was cute with the snow all over my face. Well, of course! I am always cute! We had a good time with Sis, she always gives us lots of attention and some extra treats! Akira even played with us lots. She even got him to hold onto the green ring, and he doesn't really like toys that much (just our Galileo bones, usually). We hope our pals all had as good a weekend as we did! (and WELCOME BACK, JOEY AND TANNER/Doofus!!!)
Shiro (and Akira)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

To Kikujira, My Valentine



Avery the Yorkshire Terrier

Well, she has some nerve, our Sis. She took PICTURES of her Yorkie friend she saw WITHOUT us!!! We have to admit, however, he is a cute little we'll show you his pic. His name is Avery.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For Fu Fu on Valentine's Day

someone special (your secret admirerer?) left this here for you, Fu Fu!

Happy Valentine's Day Comment Graphics

To Joey and Tanner (from our Sis)

Joe Stains and Doofus, this is from our Sis. I guess she thinks you guys are cute or something...

Happy Valentine's Day Comment Graphics

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bad dogs...

Dear Friends,
We know we have been very bad dogs in not posting lately...we apawlogize with sincere heartfelt remorse. Things have been definitely crrrazy around here lately. Right now we are taking a well-needed vacation at our favorite little B&B (Bed and Bath, of course!). Our brother just got a brand new job, so he couldn't take good care of us while Mom and Dad are in Columbus for an education conference. Poor Sis just started a new part time job in addition to her full time job and full time schooling. She likes all three of those very much, just needs more hours in the day. We miss her and wish she'd quit all that and devote all her time to US. We heard she was talking all about us today and how great dogs we are, but we also heard she consorted with the enemy. Yes, that's right, she was playing and being friendly with... A CAT! Our secret sources tell us this is one FiFi, a female 2 yr old cat. Well, we never heard of such nonsense! She should be playing with US! Of course, it was a great weekend that Sis spent with us the weekend after Shiro's Safe Return. We played with her lots and gave her lots of love. She did not want to leave us after all that fun! Hopefully we will see her again real soon. There are still a lot of health problems with our extended human family-- our Dad's Dad is undergoing radiation and chemo for cancer, and our Mom's Dad just tore his rotator cuff and will need surgery. We try to take good care of our family and give them the love and support they need at this time. We sure miss talking to all our pals,'s just been hard because the people have needed lots of extra love and attention lately. We still think of you all the time, though. We have our Dogs With Blogs calendar turned to the month of BOO!

Luv & Licks,

Akira and Shiro