Saturday, February 24, 2007

Secret Post

Hi Akira and Shiro's dog-blog-pals! This is the boys' Sis, Sarah. I posted because I read that some of you have a Cuz toy-- do you like this? I picked one up for the boys today at Petco when I went to get them new sensitive stomach treats, as I noticed they were out. I just got them one for now because even if I get them two they will decide which one is better and fight over that one anyways. I got them a green "good Cuz." Do you think they will like this? Don't tell them, it's a surprise, okay?



Boo said...

gosh! how can you post a secret post in Akira & Shiro's blog??? they will eventually find out when they blog next time. LOL

i think it depends on the dog if they will like the cuz. me likes alot. while simba king, NOT! (don't tell him i say so, i think he's just not so bright to reject a cuz *shhhhhhhh*).

luckily you only get one. test if they like it and if they do, you can always get another one.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

oooh the CUZ is the best toy ever ever made. we have never seen a white one, we must send mom to the store RIGHT NOW!!!