Sunday, April 29, 2007


Dear Friends,
Please send us your links to your bloggys. We were trying a new template, and it was supposed to save an old copy of our template, and it didn't (at least we can't find it) so we lost all our links and customizations!!! So pls send us your links cause this is how we get to visit your pages, too, just stop by our page!

Akira & Shiro

Sunny Days...

Well, everydog, it sure was a sunny day today. It's a good thing I'm shedding up a storm since it's going to be warm out this week! I played around out in the backyard a lot. Mostly by myself, and some with Sis and Dad. Akira hasn't much been in the mood to play lately. He just sits there looking lost. I'm a little worried, I need my playmate! He is a good fighting partner usually! Here are some pictures from my sunny day in the backyard.



Who Does Depression Hurt?

...Everyone. :'(

Sis says maybe I am depressed. I say I don't know, I just don't have the energy to do much of anything lately. I lay around, especially in my old puppy crate, which Sis says is too small for me, but I say it's cozy and dark and safe. I have also been just standing around lately, not sure which way to go...too many decisions sometimes. I haven't even had much interest in eating, drinking, or going outside. Sis made me lick the water off her fingers cause I wouldn't take any from the bowl then...I did later, though. Then they practically dragged me out to the back yard, but they couldn't make me go very far. Sis asks me what's the matter, why I'm down in the dumps, but I don't really know. I heard her and Mom talking and they said they heard on the commercial for the flea medicine advatanx that it may cause depression and muscle aches-- have you pups heard anything about this? When I didn't have to take it over the winter I was a lot happier and more playful, I just started back on it and am do for another application soon-- has anyone heard of this causing depression and if I don't use that, has anyone heard of any herbal or natural remedies to keep the creepy-crawly-flying-biting-sucking-things away from me?


Akira xoxo

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Hate Grad School

No, we are not pursuing an advanced degree, but our SIS is and her finals were H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks! We have not seen her in FOUR WEEKS!!! She is suffering too, we are sure, but not as much as us, right? Well, she is COMING HOME to us on THURSDAY evening! And we CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER (as evidenced by the CAPS lock)!!! We will tell her to take lots of pictures to document the great reunion! Here is another pic from back in March,
Akira & Shiro