Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let It Snow!!!

No, unfortunately this was not taken this year. It has yet to snow and tomorrow is December 1st! In fact, it has been sort of warm lately, as in the 60 degrees F! the man on the "severe weather team" on the TV says it might snow Friday night, though...Keep your paws crossed! I love the snow soooooo much. It is so fun to play and run and jump and burrow and tunnel in! SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW! PLEASE, let it SNOW!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Update

dear friends,
we had to switch over to blogger beta because all new accounts are put on blogger beta, so that's what our human grandfather's new blog is on, and he wanted some advice on how to use it, but we didn't know since we were on the orginal blogger. but now we're on beta and some things are screwed up, like our posts now signed by our Sis! but the beta is more user friendly in some regards- if you don't know html it's easier to edit your template now. but if we switch our template over, it said we could lose stuff we already put in it, so we're not switching this blog over- our Sis can use it for her own blog!
Speaking of Sis, she picked us up from our R&R on Friday morning. We were so happy to see her! Dad dropped us off with Sis and Mom a little ways from our house so we could walk around the neighborhood and mark everything again so all the neighbor dogs and cats knew we were home and it still belonged to us! Then we had to make the house smell like us again. They actually washed the couches for some bizzare reason, so we had to rub ourselves all over them and flip upside down on them and walk on top of the backs of them until they smelled good again. Then we had to play with Sis, and then we were exhausted so we all took a nap. But Sis stayed up really late with us until she fell asleep on the couches with us and woke up at 1 am and went to her bed. Then she came down at 5AM and curled up with us to sleep some more. It was fun to spend lots of time with her! She doesn't even mind that her jeans got covered in our fur cause we're molting again. We shed all of our under fur a couple times a year (Mom says it seems like all year long), but it's really noticeable now, coming off in handfuls when we're petted. Sis used the brush and the mitt thing, but it didn't really make much of a difference. Oh, one more thing before we sign off and get some more sleep. Sis found a sheet of stickers at the dollar general store that had three shiba inu stickers on it! Two red and one black. We never see much Shiba stuff here- only once saw a shiba calendar at Petco, and once an issue of Dog Fancy had a Shiba on the cover, so we were excited. We'll try to scan them in for you soon,

Missed reading all our friends blogs....
(I'm feeling much better but Shiro threw up a little this morning- Akira)

~Akira and Shiro

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Technical Difficulties

p.s. please excuse our technical difficulties- Sis wanted her own blog so tried to transfer our blog to another account, but she could only make it co-owned and not completely transferred, so now all of our old entries our signed with her name (Sarah), but we really did them, not her! sometimes technology is frustrating, but at least it got us to meet all of you dogs (and hamster)!

Akira and Shiro


Akira is doing much better lately. I think he just had a tummy-ache, but I'm not sure. We're posting from out vacation spot at Bowser's Bed and Bath were we went for a little R&R. We have plush accomodations, altho we have to share a room. We even have a patio outside of our room and can stay up as late as we want carrying on with the other dogs. Plus, Amanda, our dear friend, takes us for walks, plays with us, and feeds us-- what more does a doggie need? Of course, we would rather be with our Sis, but we do not do so well around large groups of people (especially when those large groups include small kids who tease us!), and they are having a gathering at our humble abode today for Turkey Day. So we'll relax here for today and Sis will pick us up bright and early tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with us. It's a dog's life,


p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all our blogging buddies,

Monday, November 20, 2006


Hey All,
Shiro here. The reason we haven't been on in a little bit is that Akira is not feeling up to par. He may have been having stomach pain, but he's really been just acting different lately. He gets separation anxiety when Sis leaves the room even, and he's been starting to get too rough when we wrestle. He's feeling a little bit better today after having some zantac or tagament or something like that, though, so hopefully we'll be on more soon! Thanks for asking, Boo!

p.s. Sarah said she saw a Woolrich Squirrel that Ivy would like at Target!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Non Sequitur

Well, "Non Sequitur" really isn't as impressive as it sounds. It just sounds impressive because it's from a Latin word. Here is the Heritage dictionary definition:

non se·qui·tur (nn skw-tr, -tr)
  1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence.
  2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.
One cool thing, though, is that it's also a title of a comic strip that was started in 1991, and continues to this day!

~Akira and Shiro

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Smartie Dogs

The University of Blogging

Presents to
Akira and Shiro

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Non Sequiturs

Majoring in
Self Portraiture


Blogging Degree

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For Our New Friend (Handsome) Boo!

Our new friend, dog blogger Boo, was worried about what picture we would pick for our "friends" collage. He was concerned that he wouldn't look good. Well, Boo needn't have worried because he doesn't take a bad picture! And in honor of Boo and our new friendship, we'd like to show off a few of his handsome pics!

Lots of licks,

Akira and Shiro

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quick Question

As you can see, we've been playing around with different slideshows for our bloggy. We want to ask our doggie friends who also blog if we can use each of your profile pics to make a slideshow to put under our links on the sidebar? we are still experimenting with this blog design business.... we need all the help we can get on that, too!

let us know if we can use your pic!

Akira & Shiro

We have made 2 photo collages of some of our bloggy friends. They are now up on the side bar. If you don't want your photo on there, let us know and we'll remove it. To see your photo better, mouse over it and it will get closer and show your name. Also, the link below it that says "Bigger" will take you to a bigger version. ENJOY!

Sis the Dog-Sitter

This just in: we have received some disturbing information. On the night in question, one Saturday, the 4th of November, our Sis spent the late evening-night with ANOTHER DOG. What's worse, it was a female dog, so it could have had cooties. While it's true that none of the female dogs we have met, especially our loyal readers, have actually had cooties, one can never be to careful about such things.

What's even worse, the dog in question was a CUTE female dog. In fact, she is a white chihuahua- can't get much cuter than that! Sis doesn't know we know, but we have some connections in the underdog-world. Now-- and this is just between us (we've blocked this entry to Sis's unique identifiers)-- we have even obtained a picture of the perpetrating pup.

Wanted Poster

As you can tell by the poster, "Chloe the Cutie" is in fact wanted for biting a man's nose off. Okay, actually, we made that (along with the whole "Wanted" poster and bounty) up, but we all know Chihuahuas are among the fiercest dog breeds, so it could happen. Further more, "Chloe" resides in New Jersey, the home of the Fido Soprano Crime Family. Something must be done.

We decided that sending a gift-wrapped horse's head would be too harsh (for the horse).
Perhaps we should extend an olive leaf to this dog. Perhaps it doesn't have to be a dog-eat-dog world. Perhaps, and we're just speculating at this point, we could even be friends with Chloe.
What do you dogs think?

Chloe Clown

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Everyone! We love playing in the leaves, and soon it will be Winter when we can burrow through the snow! Then Spring when all the new animals and plants are out, and Summer with lots of outdoor activities!

~Akira and Shiro

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shiro's Big Adventure

We interrupt the regular posting of this blog to bring you a special news story: "Shiro's Big Adventure." On the evening of 4 November 2006, our human Mom, hereafter referred to as "the Mom," came out to collect us from our fenced in backyard which you get to thru a door in the garage to take us on an evening walk. She had the garage door opener in her pocket to open the door once she hooked us up on our leashes. At least, that was the plan. Upon opening the door to the yard and bending over to scoop me (Shiro) up, the plan went horribly awry. The garage door opened, so I took advantage of this situation to go for a brisk fall run among the leaves. The Dad (my human father) was out raking leaves as it happened, so he attempted to grab me, but I alluded him. At this point in our story, all three of the humans present broke out in separate directions, on foot and by car, to find me. Meanwhile, I was visiting all the dogs around, and playing in the woods. I also met some other small woodland creatures on my way. I am told that after the Mom couldn't find me by car, she came back, hooked Akira to his leash, and told him to find me. Akira sprinted away, running so fast, the Mom didn't see him scoot under the neighbors electric horse fence until he was under it. Fortunately it was turned off, as I had earlier discovered myself when I went to give my regards to the horses. While Mom and Akira were hot on my tracks in one direction, I was well on my way back home, tired from my Big Adventure. I jumped into the Brother's arms, as he was waiting for me out back of the house. The Mom attributes my safe return to her prayers for me. I am thankful that I didn't not get hit by a car or eaten by a big animal. I don't think I'll be trying that any time again soon, as it sure wore me out.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Updates Coming Soon

Hi all,
We have a few updates, but haven't been able to get on lately to post. We received a package from our friend Nobuko in Japan containing chocolate filled koalas (why won't Sis share?) and a very handsome Shiba Inu desk calendar with Japanese writing on it. We'll try to scan a picture of it in to show you, as we can't find an image on the Internet. We also want to tell you about our last weekend adventures, which involve a thrilling tale of dashing through the briar-filled woods! Stay tuned! More is coming soon.

Akira and Shiro 11/03/2006

Update on that weekend:

from Shiro:

I spent lots of time cuddling with Sis! She started having a bad dream, though, so I clibmed over her legs, where I had been laying in the crook of her knees, and snuggled up against her chest and she put her arm around me like a teddy-bear. I'm better than a teddy-bear, though!

from Akira:

I went on some long walks with Sis! She always spoils me. She even let me walk a while in the woods. Sis learned not to wear thin sweat pants in the woods, though, because she got briars and thorns all through them, and some on her jacket too! This little brushwood dog was fine and untouched by thorns!