Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sis the Dog-Sitter

This just in: we have received some disturbing information. On the night in question, one Saturday, the 4th of November, our Sis spent the late evening-night with ANOTHER DOG. What's worse, it was a female dog, so it could have had cooties. While it's true that none of the female dogs we have met, especially our loyal readers, have actually had cooties, one can never be to careful about such things.

What's even worse, the dog in question was a CUTE female dog. In fact, she is a white chihuahua- can't get much cuter than that! Sis doesn't know we know, but we have some connections in the underdog-world. Now-- and this is just between us (we've blocked this entry to Sis's unique identifiers)-- we have even obtained a picture of the perpetrating pup.

Wanted Poster

As you can tell by the poster, "Chloe the Cutie" is in fact wanted for biting a man's nose off. Okay, actually, we made that (along with the whole "Wanted" poster and bounty) up, but we all know Chihuahuas are among the fiercest dog breeds, so it could happen. Further more, "Chloe" resides in New Jersey, the home of the Fido Soprano Crime Family. Something must be done.

We decided that sending a gift-wrapped horse's head would be too harsh (for the horse).
Perhaps we should extend an olive leaf to this dog. Perhaps it doesn't have to be a dog-eat-dog world. Perhaps, and we're just speculating at this point, we could even be friends with Chloe.
What do you dogs think?

Chloe Clown


Fu Fu said...

Woh Chloe the CHH does look a little scary in the wanted poster. haa

~ fufu

Jay said...

Hi! I think Chloe can be your friend, so long as she knows who are the bosses! Hiak hiak hiak