Thursday, November 23, 2006


Akira is doing much better lately. I think he just had a tummy-ache, but I'm not sure. We're posting from out vacation spot at Bowser's Bed and Bath were we went for a little R&R. We have plush accomodations, altho we have to share a room. We even have a patio outside of our room and can stay up as late as we want carrying on with the other dogs. Plus, Amanda, our dear friend, takes us for walks, plays with us, and feeds us-- what more does a doggie need? Of course, we would rather be with our Sis, but we do not do so well around large groups of people (especially when those large groups include small kids who tease us!), and they are having a gathering at our humble abode today for Turkey Day. So we'll relax here for today and Sis will pick us up bright and early tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with us. It's a dog's life,


p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all our blogging buddies,

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