Monday, November 20, 2006


Hey All,
Shiro here. The reason we haven't been on in a little bit is that Akira is not feeling up to par. He may have been having stomach pain, but he's really been just acting different lately. He gets separation anxiety when Sis leaves the room even, and he's been starting to get too rough when we wrestle. He's feeling a little bit better today after having some zantac or tagament or something like that, though, so hopefully we'll be on more soon! Thanks for asking, Boo!

p.s. Sarah said she saw a Woolrich Squirrel that Ivy would like at Target!


Fu Fu said...

Oh dear, I hope Akira gets better soon.
Take care...

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

oops! finally my BARK woke somebody up! LOL

i hope akira feel better soon. better get a vet!

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Hi Akira and Shiro,

Just dropped by to see your blog. We love the way your pictures move around. Ours just stand still. :(

Your blog pals,

Yoshi & Tsuki

Cubby said...

I'm sorry Akira is feeling bad. I have that same problem with separation anxiety. I take medicine for it, but it is still very scary when I am here alone. Be sweet to poor Akira.

Jay said...

Oh no.. hope Akira is better now.


Boo Boo said...

Hi, Shiro and Akira,

I hope that Akira gets well soon ... Take care :)