Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let It Snow!!!

No, unfortunately this was not taken this year. It has yet to snow and tomorrow is December 1st! In fact, it has been sort of warm lately, as in the 60 degrees F! the man on the "severe weather team" on the TV says it might snow Friday night, though...Keep your paws crossed! I love the snow soooooo much. It is so fun to play and run and jump and burrow and tunnel in! SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW! PLEASE, let it SNOW!



IndyPindy said...

I know, I WISH it would SNOW already! It's too warm for December!!!!!

Boo said...

ah, stop those snow talk RIGHT NOW! i'm so jealous i haven't seen snow or will not see snow in my life! and i've been hearing all about snow snow and more snow for the past weeks!


wet wet licks


Yoshi and Tsuki said...

You look so pretty in the snow, Akira!

We love snow, too! We burrow in it like we're trying to dig a hole back to Japan!


Yoshi and Tsuki

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Akira,
At least you can wish for snow... where I am, it'd be a BIG miracle if it ever snows.. heheheh...

Huskee Boy

Akira and Shiro said...

uh-oh boo, just ignore your mail when you get it then (you'll see what we mean-- no, we didn't send you frozen snow in a cooler, although that would have been a good idea!)