Monday, January 22, 2007

Hi, Pals!

Hi Everydog! It's me, Shiro! I'm baaaaaaaack. Sorry I haven't posted, I need to get one of those celly phones with Internet, I guess. I've been on a bit of an adventure. Well, it started out that way...I may have gotten a little turned around, but no problem. I am a fierce jungle dog and I can hunt and scavenge with the best of them. I have to admit, though, I sure was happy to see Mom! I jumped up right into her arms! I was so exhausted from my experiences that I fell asleep in the car, and, after giving Akira a proper greeting, took a long nap on my couch. They had the nerve to wake me up to go for a check-up at the Vets, though. I know they were just worried about me, though. The Vet said I lost four whole pounds on my trip and that I might have sore muscles from all my running around. That means I can nap all day now, right? Stay off my throne people! errr...i mean couch!
Sorry I worried everydog, I didn't mean to be gone for so long, I just lost track of time (and maybe a little of place too).
It's good to be back though!


It's good to have Shiro home-- I was complaining all day yesterday about him being gone and I haven't slept much without knowing where he was! I tried to track him, but it was hard with the snow, and he moved around a lot. I know we fight sometimes, but I do love the little guy (don't let him know that, though!),



Shiro has been found!!! My former karate instructor, whom I phoned the night Shiro went missing just in case he happened to see him, spotted Shiro and kept him occupied with some bologna (yes, the way to Shiro's heart is food sometimes) until my Mom could drive over and pick him up. Reports from my family indicate that Shiro is doing just fine- he is not shaking like he's cold, he's not acting like he's hungry, he's not even dirtier than usual. Upon returning home, Akira and Shiro were excited to be reuninted, Shiro drank some water, then hopped up to his favorite resting spot on the couch to take a well-deserved nap! I wonder what he's been up to since Saturday night? I'm sure glad he's back, though, and looking forward to seeing him with my own eyes this weekend.
Thanks for everything pals: spreading the word, encouragement, wishes, prayers, etc. We sure appreciate it!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

No News Yet...

I made up flyers and e-mailed them home. My parents are printing them out and going to post them around the area. They were pretty much up all night, my brother said he did not sleep at all and went in and out looking for him. They looked more today, in the woods and everywhere. No sign of him anywhere, so I hope that means somebody picked him up and is taking care of him and trying to find out where he belongs. I put an ad in their local newspaper there, but it won't be in until tomorrow. We're calling the local vet and I think there's a dog warden or something we'll have to get in touch with-- no shelters or pounds very nearby. We're going out of our minds, but not giving up hope. Shiro is a smart and wiley little guy, so if anydog can do it, he can. I will let you know as soon as I hear any news. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, it means so much to us. I just feel so helpless, but I'm trying to spread the word in the hopes that someone will know something or see something and contact us. It is possible he could be to Pennsylvania by now, as my family lives very close to the state line in Ohio. Thanks again,

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Shiro is missing. He got loose probably around 9 P.M. EST from my family's home in Calcutta/East Liverpool, Ohio. He is a small cream-colored fixed male Shiba Inu. Please spread the word to anyone in the Ohio area. It is possible he could have gotten all the way to the Pennsylvania line, but not likely. He does not like to be touched around the neck, and he will bite. If he is seen, it is best to try to bribe him with food. Cheese is his favorite. Anyone in the area, please keep your eyes open. Everyone else, please send your thoughts and prayers for Shiro. It is very cold out there tonight. I was there yesterday and this morning, but I am back in Pittsburgh, PA right now and feel so helpless. I will keep you posted.
Thank you,

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Our Sis was home for ONLY Friday and PART of Saturday this weekend! The nerve! So what if she had a community service project to do on Saturday evening? We were a bit upset about that, so we decided to demonstrate it by tearing her W-2 (a tax form from work) into tiny pieces, as well as various other mail on the counter. Ha. That showed her. She still gave us lots of loving, though. Long walks and cuddling, that's the stuff.
It's been raining raining raining, though. We don't really mind the rain, but we mind the treatment we get when we're all muddy! One of us (Shiro) had to get another BATH to get off all the mud!
Anyways, we're borrowing a computer for a little while, so will hopefully be able to post a little more often now! It's getting late (almost TOMORROW!) so we should sign off for now. Can't wait to read all our pals adventures we've been missing out on!

Akira & Shiro

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Dear friends,
this is a decidely uninteresting post, but we didn't want to leave you hanging forever. we have been having some "technical difficulties." Sis's computer is BROKEN, as in, nothing even comes on the screen, and you all know how the Brother is about limiting our computer time so he can play more of that MMORPG WOW. Yes, we're not even sure what those letters break out to, but he has gotten to ride on a reindeer, so that is cool, we'll admit. in any case, it's been difficult to post. we are relaying this importan announcement (tho decidely boring and uninteresting) through our Sis at a Computer Lab *note from "Sis": I tried to get on at work earlier and blogger was down, please don't tell the boys i was late!* so, please forgive any typing or spelling errors, and attribute them to her, not us.


Akira & Shiro

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Magnetic Poetry Example

Sis used the Magnetic Poetry site, using the "Garden" kit to write a doggy-poem. She accidently left out one word "you," because she's tired, we guess, but it's still pretty nice and we thought we'd share it with you! Be careful trying that site, it gets a bit addicting (this is her 5th poem she made with magnetic words!). It should read:

"to my dog"

i believe in you,
my moist nosed dog

something special emerges
to protect me

you are as sacred as fresh fertile earth,
wild as the vines' secret song

you are my ancient sanctuary
a whispered dream
my only truth

Product Alert: Dog Lover Magnetic Poetry

Our Sis always enjoys magnetic poetry. She happened to be on the Magnetic Poetry webpage ( where, by the way, you can compose online magnetic poetry with a few of the kits, and she saw this: the Magnetic Poetry Dog Lover Kit
It costs $9.99. The description reads:
With the Dog Lover Kit you can finally give your pals the poetic praise they deserve. Create captions for your favorite puppy pics or original poems inspired by your favorite Fido. Includes words like wag, hound, bark, leash, play, companion, and chew.

Vote Akira and Shiro!

We are entered in the "Cutest Dog" contest at Purina's Dog Show USA. We are competing against some tuff competition, including each other, so please follow these links to vote for us!


Akira & Shiro

Monday, January 01, 2007

Our First Video!

New Year's Day: Good News and Bad News

Well, it's the first day of 2007! We have some good news of the day, and some bad news of the day? Which do you want first? Okay, we'll do it like the humans rip off a bandaid- bad news first: We had to have our baths today! We do not like all. We have to get all wet and soapy and it gets rid of our naturally good Shiba smell! So then we have to lick ourselves off and rub in everything to try to get the smell back. But, we made it through are baths, and got a treat for being well-behaved boys through it all.
Now for the good news, it looks like we got our baths just in time, because.......... it's snowing! Finally! It's been up in the 50s for like 2 weeks or something ridiculous! We were beginning to think we wouldn't get to have any fun in the snow this winter at all!
Well, there's some more bad news. After having Sis home from the 23rd of December, she had to go back to school/work today. We loved having her home. She stayed downstairs with us and slept on the couch with us every night until about 2-2:30 AM when she got too uncomfortable squished up between us on the couch and went to her own bed. It was so nice to cuddle with her and play with her lots. Also, everyone knows, we have her wrapped around our paws! She spoils us! Akira gets the LONGEST walks he ever gets, and Shiro gets lots of cuddles! At least she'll be back again on the weekend (how long is that? we hope it's soon!)

Akira & Shiro