Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Do You Need?

Akira needs to know if he can be in a live action movie!

This is an old game that's been going around the Internet blogs for some time. You go to google and type in quotation marks your name followed by the word needs. For example: "Akira needs" Then you jot down the best 10 results in the sentences that appear highlighted in the results. Here are ours:

Akira needs
  1. someone that she can punch to express her anger and to keep her busy
  2. new sunnies
  3. to know
  4. some chapstick
  5. to relax, and he's willing to take drastic steps to make it happen
  6. to do a little more with his power than just spy on people through sparrows
  7. a physical after arriving day
  8. to be paid
  9. a simple mailserver
  10. to be made into a live action movie

Shiro needs
  1. to breathe
  2. some hot air after his shower
  3. Kuro's protection
  4. to be finally reunited with his lady-fair, Yoshiko, once and for all
  5. to reconcile his feelings for the human body
  6. to get a rave
  7. a haircut
  8. to have a good solo story set in madripoor
  9. pollinator
  10. a rest after all those adventures

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How I Love My Kong, by Shiro

peanut butter on my kong
peanut butter on my tongue
peanut butter's so much fun
peanut butter all day long

Monday, August 25, 2008

PeanutButter Video

here's us and one of our favorite food groups, peanut butter. one thing that can both keep us occupied together and cause us to fight over it-- peanut butter. the song is PB&J by a band called Chaibaba who are friends of the Sis. enjoy!

Our Family

Mom and Akira

Shiro giving Dad kisses

Akira trying on Dad's glasses

Shiro burrowing into the Sis

Akira, Shiro, and the Sis.

The Brother is notoriously camera shy, but we'll try again...

Sunday, August 24, 2008



Friday, August 22, 2008

Lovers or Fighters?

the quickest way to end a fight is to start kissing...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going to the Park

I always knew I liked going to the park. Since Dad retired, I get to go everyday, and since Mom ws off work for the summer we've all been going a lot. Reasons I like going to the park:
1. you get to ride in the car
2. you get to smell new things
3. you get to expand your territory
4. there are more squirrels and chipmunks at the park
5. lots of trees
6. you get to ride in the car again


As it turns out, I like going to the park too! I still HATE riding in the car, but once I get there it is grreat! I get to run all around and meet kids and other dogs, I get to pee over top of everythin Akira pees on, and my Daddy lifts me up to drink out of the human water fountain! It's grreat! The car ride back home is never as bad, and when we get home I get to take a nice little nap.

((ed note: pictures from may according to computer...why it was so cold i dunno))

How I Love my Kong

Here's our contest entry for Hot Diggity Dog!My firstest kong
when i was small
love it when they'd fill it full
with carrots and apple
my favorite filling, nothing better
was my p-butter.
Time passed and I've destroyed a wubba
but of my kong there's no other!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best of Portraits-- Shiro

Best of Portraits- Akira

Hunting Frog

Here I am Stalking the Frog.

This is after I cornered the frog.

This is after they made me come inside and clean me up.

A Week of Sis and Rado

Shiro and Akira take up their breakfast positions. Rado is eating.

When Sis got back from Bulgaria she spent almost a week with us, and her fiance Rado spent 3 days with us. We like him a lot. Sis says Akira likes him more than her. We don't kiss and tell. Anyways, of course we have pictures of our time together. We'll be putting them in a couple posts.

Shiro waits patiently

This is Akira's Chair