Sunday, February 25, 2007

Puppy Pics

Indy Pindy showed everydog some pictures from when he was a small pup and he thought it'd be a good idea for everyone to bring out the ol' photo album. We agree. Here are some pictures from our puppyhood:

^^Sleepy Akira on his first day home, age 4 months^^

^^Shiro at age 4 weeks, still at the breeder's house^^

Who's next??? We want to see more puppy pics!


Akira & Shiro


Boo said...

not saying akira is not cute but look at shiro. only 4 weeks and he's already in my adult size! just sooooooooo cute! i wanna pinch you shiro.

wet wet licks


Cubby said...

Wow! Puppies are so cute!

Fu Fu said...

Oh you 2 look so cute. And Shiro looks like a stuff doggie.

~ fufu

IndyPindy said...

Awwww, you guys were so cute! Well, you still are, but puppy cuteness is different!

Wow, you Shiba Inus really have puffy heads when you are young!

Ferndoggle said...

You two sure were fuzzy when you were little!! And pretty cute too. My Mom doesn't have any pictures of my brother & sister b/c they came to live at Jackman Ave when they were big. But I was just a baby when I came home.

Lola the little white Boxer

jg said...

Shiba puppies ARE the cutest.

Here are a couple pictures of Snickers as a puppy. I don't have any of Secret because she was 6 when we adopted her.

Joe Stains said...

omdog yinz are yinzers too! red up the toys! Myron cope! quit being nebby!!!!!

Simba said...

aahhhhh look at the little puppy.

Simba xx

Melissa said...

OH you were some cute little puppies! My Mom adopted me as an older dog so I don't have any puppy photos...But I think I may be related to you cuz I look an awful lot like you! I'm not a pure breed and my Mom says that all they know about me is I'm part Chow because I have purple spots on my tongue! The city I was adopted from has lots and lots of Chow mixed dogs!