Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday-Saturday Update

Our Sis stayed over all night last night. She got home in the afternoon, and first she played tug-of-war with me out in the snow! Then she gave us a carob chip cookie to share. And she rubbed my belly lots and I layed my head on her lap while she scratched me all over and sang me Akira-songs. We sure do miss our Sis when she's not here, but it is really nice when she is here!
Sis came home and I was so happy to see her I gave her kisses all over her face and ears and hands. She scratched me all over like I like and played with me with the blinky ball and the nubby ball and the green ring and the blue holey roller and the galileo bone. Then she suggested maybe I have too many toys, which I resented, so she said she was sorry that actually I don't have enough toys, which I agree with and we made up.

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Joe Stains said...

yay, welcome home sis!!!! how do yinz like it in da burgh!!!