Sunday, December 03, 2006

"A Special Canine for Special Owners," and other Shiba Quotes

Some amusing (and true) quotes from the Shiba Inu "Meet the Breed" article by Stephanie Horan in the December 2006 issue of Dog World:

  • "Bold as a samurai warrior, fastidious as a cat, the 'little brushwood dog' is a special canine for special owners." (p. 22)
  • "They are teddy bears with an attitude!"- quote from Lynda Birmantas within the article (p. 22)
  • "almost a feral breed. Although they are handsome, they are not for the family with no rules as Shibas will quickly become the boss,"- Shiba owner and breeder Laura Perkinson describing the Shiba in the article (p. 26)
  • "Jacey Holden of Lodi, Calif., President of the National Shiba Club of America and an owner of the breed for 17 years, is convinced that if a Shiba could talk, he would immediately say 'Mine.' 'Sharing is a concept,' says Holden, 'that he feels others should practice. Food, water, toys, sofa, car, owner. The whole world revolves around him!' " (p. 27)
  • "They are intelligent, learning the first or second time you tell them, but on the tenth time they may have selective hearing if they do not want to do what you are asking,"- Diana Smiley (judge, author, and long-time Shiba breeder), describing the temprament of the Shiba (p. 27)
  • "Shibas are well-known runners that will watch for the opportunity to take off at high speed to investigate every nook and cranny in the area, and they may be gone for days," (p. 27).
  • (on Shiba sounds): "They are quite vocal with a 'yodel' that they use when demanding attention. They can also offer blood-curdling screams of portest if they are being asked to do something distasteful to them," (p. 27)... this scream is later described as an "Oscar-worthy" performance tactic.
  • "They are well known for working off some of their energy doing what Birmantas calls the Shiba 500: 'That consists of them running around the house at top speed for about five minutes.' Holden adds that dogs take great delight in 'banking off the couch and spinning on the bed.' " (p. 29)
  • "They think they are big," (p. 29)
  • "if a cat runs, chances are a Shiba will chase it," (p. 29)
  • "The Shiba has a softer, gentler side. He will climb into your lap and gaze into your eyes as if trying to see into the depths of your sould," (p. 29)
  • Also described as being "amazingly intuitive," (p. 29)
  • They are "exemplary examples of canine cuteness and also fiery little furballs from hell!" - Holden quote, (p. 30).
Hey! We resemble that last remark! We mean resent! No, that's not a Fruedian slip!!

~Akira and Shiro


Boo said...

hey akira & shiro,

do you know the japanese even have a movie about shiba inu bcoz of their loyalty to their owner?

wet wet licks


Akira and Shiro said...

really? oooh, are we in the moovie?