Monday, May 14, 2007

Friends (and Enemies)

Here's a run down of the OTHER animals is our Sis's life. As if we weren't enough! Hrumph.

Kasey is an older female German Shepard that lives next door to our Grandparents. I played with her through the fence when I visited Grandma. We ran back and forth the backyards with each other. She is pretty nice.

Fi Fi is the cat of our Sis's boss (James) for her part-time job. Fi Fi likes to press her forehead against Sis's forehead and play with her little mouse toys. Grrr. Cats.

Here is a Rooster that lives in James's backyard (along with two hens)

Betty is a 13 year old female Border Collie (or was it Border Shepard, we forget?) who belongs to a painter friend of Sarah's, John Fleenor.


Billy said...

I have an enemy invader on my has yet to get a picture of this spy, but it's a white and rust coloured cat and I'm not impressed that he's lurking on my property. Mom doesn't let me out when he's around...

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Crystalee said...

That FiFi looks evil!