Friday, May 18, 2007

Akira's Thoughts on the Matter

I was browsing some of our pals bloggys, and had some thoughts on these subjects as well.

First: Girl Girl has a lovely stuffed dog. It brought back fond memories for me of my favorite Booda Dog pal as a 4 month old puppy. The Booda Dog had a tragic wrestling accident. He just couldn't hold in his stuffing.

Next: Simba mentioned that some dogs like to sleep on their backs with their tummies skywards. Shiro hardly ever does this. He generally sleeps in a tightly curled ball and opens his eyes every 2 minutes to check his surroundings and jumps up every 5 minutes to patrol. I, however, am a champion sleeper, and love to relax and stretch out on my back.

Thirdly: Joey and Tanner's Mom must have a psychic connection with our Sis (Maybe it's the Pittsburgh thing), cause she found the Fufu Berry Soda too. Maybe they were meant to find it to make us smile remembering our buddy.

p.s. Next time maybe Shiro will comment on some more bloggys!

1 comment:

Vi said...

My Loki sleeps in every position imaginable. Lazy bum!