Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Weekend

Our Sis was home this weekend, it was so nice! We were so happy to see her. She played with us lots and took Akira on a looooong walk (she says Akira is getting out of shape without her there to take him on such loooong walks) and she carried me to look out windows and let me play in her bedroom for a while. I had a little pile of stuffed animals and various items that I liked that I wanted to keep, but she made me leave them in her room. She says I can come back up and play with them there. It was fun, I jumped on her bed, and I found lots of neat stuff, and I even tore a kleenex up in shreds (i didn't eat it or anything, though). Here are some pictures of us Sis took with her new cell phone.




Simba said...

Those photos came out well from a phone.

Simba xx

Joe Stains said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! We have missed seeing pictures of you two!

hana said...

Hi Akira, I hope you are no longer depressed.... maybe that week you felt you, maybe something you ate just didn't agree with you?

Boo said...

sis is back and you guys get to walk! out of shape? i don't think so.

wet wet licks


A&S said...

simba: sis's new cell phone is a motorazr. the pics from the "friends (and enemies)" post area also all from the cell phone. it is only 1.3 mp, but works for small web pics!