Friday, May 18, 2007

A Nice Thought for Fu Fu

Our Sister is so thoughtful, it is obvious that she loved Fu Fu as much as we did. Today when she stopped at a cafe, she saw a Jones Soda she had to order: flavored Fu Fu Berry. Then she read the fortune on the inside of the bottle cap:
"You are headed for a land of sunshine"

"Oh!" The Sis exclaimed. "It makes perfect sense. This message is regarding Fu Fu!" We hope you are well over the Rainbow Bridge, friend,

Akira and Shiro


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Akira & Shiro, I like the Jones Soda. I wonder if they sell here....mayb I should ask to get 1 for me too.

Enjoy your weekend ya.

A&S said...

hi ben ben! you might be able to get it on their website if not!
thanks for stopping by!

Boo said...

ah akira & shiro, have you read joey's blog yet? their mom bought fufu bear soda too! :) the same one like yours!

wet wet licks


hana said...

Wow, Sis does have a connection with Fufu! I wonder if I can get the fufu soda at a local store here....

Joe Stains said...

we cannot wait to try this soda and it is sooo cool that your sis found it too!! must be a yinzer thing!!!

Boo said...

hey A&S, i think something must be very very wrong with blogger today coz all the updated blogs got their comment turn off! maybe u could turn it on manually so me and everydogs could comment on your latest post.

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Great photos of you sleeping. The Fufu soda looks look. What does it taste like?

Simba xx

A&S said...

Hi Boo: We fixed it manually on that post, but it's doing it for our Sis on her blog too...weird blogger. :( Thanks for pointing it out for us!

Momo :) said...

Hi Akira and Shiro, nice to meet you!!

My huuuuumas bought a Jones Root beer at a cafe yesterday. My dad said this is the best root beer he's ever had. I guess it's popular up there??? Here in Toronto we don't find this soda often. I think we have to find Fufu flavour!

Momo xoxo