Thursday, March 01, 2007

Akira Rides to the Park

Today I got to go for a car ride. The ride to the kennel and the ride to one of the parks is exactly the same until you get to a certain stop light, then you turn left to the kennel or right to the park. So I was paying close attention until we made it past the light. Turns out we (Mom and me) were going to the park to walk with Mom's friend from work. Mom said she noticed my whole body tense up, then relax when the car turned right. I generally do not mind the kennel, but Shiro wasn't with me, and it is hard to sleep there with all the catching up we do with the other dogs. We tend to carry on all night over there. The park was a nice excursion today. And I always love a nice car ride (well, the 5 1/2 hr drive between Ohio and Maryland I used to go one was a little much). I don't know why Shiro gets so nervous riding in the car. He's ridden since he was a pup, but has never grown to like it any more. I find it exciting when we drive new places, and when we are at familiar areas, I am able to relax and let the car movement rock me to sleep. Speaking of sleep, it's almost midnight, so Shiro and I are going to call it a night. We are not sure what happened to the snow dog pictures...we found some more, but none as good as those. We'll look more though...


Fu Fu said...

Hey Guys, so was the trip to the park good?

~ fufu

Simba said...

That was lucky park and no kennels. I've never been in kennels, is it scary?

Simba xx

A&S said...

Hi Simba,
the kennel we go to is like a spa vacation spot, really. It is not bad in that we have a lot of space (though we usually have to share a room), access to our own private patio, and we get walks and played with. the only problem with it is it is exhausting because we like to catch up and chat with all the other dogs. there is one other problem. if the big dog house is overcrowded, we sometimes have to stay in the smaller cat house. that does not happen often, but it is torture to smell all those cats and not be able to chase them! we have seen pictures of lots of other kennels that look scary and cramped with no room to stretch out, but ours is not like that at all. we like amanda, who is the owner. she loves dogs lots and has 3 or 4 of her own (one was bequeathed to her from an old man who used to board his dog there, and one was abandoned there and she didn't have the heart to send him to a shelter). so it's nice for a get away, but we prefer to be at home with our family, of course!
Akira & Shiro

A&S said...

hi fu fu!
only akira got to go to the park because i hate riding in the car. maybe when sis is home i will go sometime, because she lets me sit on her lap in the car and then i'm not so nervous. mom can't let me sit in her lap while i'm driving, cause that wouldn't be safe.

Boo said...

like simba, i have never been in kennels too. also, i have never been to a dog park too. :-(

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

glad it was the park! funny that you know the drive, you are very smart!