Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trip to the v-e-t

We had to go to the v-e-t (shhhh don't scare anyone who can't spell it) two days ago. It was time for our annual hear worm test. They also tested us for the other worms by looking at our poo. Hoomans are so strange sometimes. Anyways, we are healthy- no wormies here! Thank goodness. We didn't like that we had to share the same exam room though, we think we each deserve our own, right?


Brownie Roo the Brown Monster said...

Ewwweeeu, looked at your poo? Gee. But glad to hear you two have a clean bill of health!

I have to go to the V-E-T too, been avoiding it for almost 2 years! Its scheduled for early April.

Hey what was the weirdest thing you poo-ed out? Mine was a orange scrunchie which I ate...burp.

Love and Licks
Brownie Roo

Boo said...

good to hear no worm in your poo poo! mom doesn't check my poo poo anymore coz she knows i don't eat stuff that i'm not supposed to.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

thank goodness for no worms, I had a worm in my butt once and it was GROSS. NOw we take pills every month to be sure we dont get worms in our hearts or our butts. BUT they still make us get that dumb test too.

Jay said...

Hi Akira & Shiro, glad to hear that you are healthy!


jg said...

Sharing a room is OK! Snickers and Secret shared an exam room last week and Secret said later that she felt less scared having Snickers there.