Sunday, October 08, 2006


Hurray! Sis came home for the weekend! Double hurray: The pictures of me and Akira sleeping didn't turn out! That's what she gets for using a disposable camera! The Dad took a picture of Sis helping Akira and me with our Galileo bones (we have her wrapped around our little paws!):

Unfortunately for Akira, one picture of him did turn out (Akira thinks it's embarrassing, catching him scratching an itch, but Sis thought it was cute how he used his back leg to scratch his ear):

Finally, Sis captured a picture of the evil toads hidey-hole. Only one of them was home right then (can you find him?), cause sis had had to rescue one from my clutches in the yard, then she carried him thru the house and out the front door, and it hadn't made it back to it's hole.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend, with Sis being home. I got to kiss, play with, and cuddle with Sis, and Akira even played with her and me. For the first time (ever), Akira and I played tug-of-war. Sis and Akira were playing with the green ring, and I wanted to play too, so Sis told me to grab on with my teeth and I did. Even with both Sis and I pulling, Akira still won, but it was fun. Then I found out, I can make him drop the green ring if I attack him instead of the ring, but Sis says that isn't nice. Sis is back in Pittsburgh. I tried to dig out of the fenced-in back yard when I saw her trying to escape. She came over to the fence and tried to kiss me through i, while I tried to jump over it.

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