Thursday, October 05, 2006


We did it again, we expressed our strong distaste at our Sis leaving us last Sunday. And she usually stays until Tuesday afternoon! But now she has something like when the mom and the dad go to work without us (although one time Dad brough us to show us off, and that was fun), but it's called "service." She's in something called AmeriCorps in addition to going to school. Right now she's in training. We tried to tell her we already trained her, and we could even teach her tricks if she wanted, but she didn't seem to get it. But sis is coming to see us again tomorrow!!! And we heard that she made friends with someone at a pet supply store who might be able to get us discount doggie cookies! it's still not worth her being gone from us so much, but at least it's a consolation.
We are sorry we haven't written a lot, but we got really tired from taking care of Sis when she was sick and had to rest up. Sis even took pictures of us hard at resting before she left. it was on a disposable camera, but she's going to put them on a cd, so hopefully they don't turn out, cause it might be a little embarassing to be caught napping on the job.

lots of luv,

Shiro and Akira


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hi Akira and Shiro,

It is certainly exhausting work taking care of a sick human. The first year of my youngest human brother's life he was sick all the time. I was an only dog then too. It was very exhausting watching over him. Then Mom would take him to the hospital and they wouldn't let me come. That was a scary time.

I just wanted to drop and say hi. You two seem very cool for not being shelties. But I see from your sis' journal that you are it is all good.


Jay said...

Hi, rest well, You deserve it!