Thursday, September 21, 2006

Do you have problems understanding us?

Can't you tell I want to play?
Hmmm... We think we are quite easy to understand. Our family doesn't seem to have any trouble, either! But apparently, some people want to know how to "decipher" our "bark." We were amazed when we read this article, and wanted to share it with everydog. Here is is:
We shortened the url cause the original was tooooooooo long! Let us know your opinions!


Dusty Doodles said...

Hey Guys! Dusty Doodles here!! Wanted to come check out your new blog! Good Job!! My girl, Whiskey, used to live with Shiba's and she told me all about you guys. You sound cool. I also have a Da Sister, who is like your Sis...only my Da sister lives far away and only comes to visit every few months. She has to teach the little kiddles at the Army place. Do you have a Da brother?? I have a Da brother too, he's in the Navy and we hardly ever get to see him. Nice meeting you and I'll come back soon!

Ivy said...

ha ha ha! it is soooo funny that peepol need a big expensive translator to understand the simplest things we say and yet we dogs understand waaaay more that our peepol say without using any technology at all.

dogs win!

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